Nutrition Series: Food Purchasing, Part III - .5 Clock Hour


This course is provided by the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services - MOCACFP.

Description: This lesson is the last of three modules to provide guidance to child care centers on food purchasing procedures. This lesson will review steps 5, 6, and 7: Develop quality standards for each food, obtain price quotes, and award contract to a business or make a recommendation to the board of directors/owners. It will briefly review steps 8, 9, 10, and 11 and point you to additional resources and training on these steps of the food purchasing process.

• To determine the components that define and measure food quality.
• To learn how to read food labels.
• To explain the meaning of the Nutrition Fact label.
• To identify resources for information on food quality standards.
• To explain the difference between a line-item award and a bottom-line award.
• To state which methods to use for obtaining prices from retail vendors and wholesale vendors.
• To state the six parts of an IFB/RFP.
• To identify where to obtain advanced training on an IFB/RFP.

Clock Hours: .5 hour

Nutrition Series: Food Purchasing, Part III - .5 Clock Hour