Nutrition Series: Food Purchasing, Part II - 1 Clock Hour


This course is provided by Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services - MOCACFP.

Description: This lesson is the second of three to provide guidance to child care centers on food purchasing procedures. In Part I, the first three steps in the food purchasing process were reviewed: planning the menus, developing a list of the foods needed to prepare the menus, and estimating the quantity of each food needed.

This lesson will review a couple of items for step 3 that weren’t covered in Part I. Then move on to review step 4, analyzing the market area.

•To determine which container size is the most cost-efficient to purchase.
•To explain why centers must follow Federal food purchasing rules.
•To select the rules which apply to his/her center.
•To verbalize a practical application for each rule.
•To name the vendor choices in his/her community and list some of the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Clock Hours: 1 hour

Nutrition Series: Food Purchasing, Part II - 1 Clock Hour