CACFP Orientation: Recordkeeping - 0 Clock Hours


This course is provided by the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services - MOCACFP.

Description: Recordkeeping is important for Child Care Centers because records support the claims submitted for payment each month. Since records impact payments, it is critically important that a child care center have properly trained staff and procedures in place to assure that records are maintained consistently and accurately. In order to manage this program well, and avoid having problems that would require payment back the State, it is very important to keep up with the paperwork. The requirements may seem tedious, but they are important.

• Understand the importance of recordkeeping
• Learn which records or forms are required for recordkeeping
o Menus
o Enrollment
o Attendance
o Meal Counto Non-Profit Food Service Documentation
o Training o For-Profit Eligibility
o Miscellaneous
• Learn how to organize records
• Understand how records should be presented during a monitoring visit

When you have completed the course, a certificate of completion is available to you in your Transcript (found in the My Transcript tab in the left menu bar).

Clock Hours: 0 hour


CACFP Orientation: Recordkeeping - 0 Clock Hours